About Us

Associated Consulting Enterprises Inc. (ACE) was founded in 1988 by members of the internal audit department of a fortune 500 company with life insurance holdings. ACE is exclusively involved in reviewing the reinsurance administration of ceded/retro-ceded life portfolios.

While working on assignments at various insurance subsidiaries, it became clear to them that a large number of errors occurred in the processing of ceded/retro ceded life reinsurance .These errors were not readily detected by any standard audit tests and caused a drain on the profitability of these companies.

Recognizing that other life insurance companies might benefit from their experience and knowledge, the group formed ACE and began to offer their services as consultants to the life insurance industry.

Our team (consisting of Accountants, Actuaries and Lawyers) has well over 100 years of reinsurance experience and has conducted similar reviews for approximately 125 companies, with a significant number of them using TAI to administer their reinsurance portfolio.

All work is performed on a contingent fee arrangement with ACE being responsible for all costs of travel and lodging associated with this review.